Epoch 15/18 - Old Dog, Leading to Water: Clarendon Legacy

Old Dog, leading to water - Clarendon Legacy:

I still remember the time, a much simpler time. The smell of beer, the sounds of laughter, nonsense, and the weaving of music and conversation to the point where the answer to your friend’s question is the following verse of the audible song.

“Music is not sound. Music is using sound to organize emotions in time.” - Krystian Zimmerman 

Everyone was somebody and nobody, a group of half-belligerents gnawing at the surface of adulthood with middle fingers high and patience low. Each individual complete with their own idiosyncrasies which revealed themselves to a T as the alcohol began to skew comparative thought, allowing each person the night, to fall into their obscurities. Inevitably revealing who was a little off their rocker and who was supergluing themselves to theirs.

It can be argued that the borderline between genius and insanity is success. Without the latter expressing our true selves can be daunting. Clarendon is a platform for authenticity. Epoch - 15 / 18 stands to lay the foundation. Authenticity via daring expression. Reflection and growth all while keeping it real and courageously venturing on with a dash of swagger. “Do You.”

All these things are happening to me and I don’t know what to do. Worst case scenario, I turn on the tunes. 

Welcome to Clarendon Studios Music


By: Kyle McCain & Ronaldo Patiño