Epoch 15/18 - We’re Supposed To Groove To Our Own Tune

“Distancing myself while I’m focusing, fo-focusing” (Kid Cudi 24). This is a sentiment articulated best by the lyrics of the song “Rose Golden”. This feeling has rung true since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is a feeling that has become prevalent in my life as my interests, passions, career, and self have matured.

“Rose Golden” was a song featured on Kid Cudi’s 2016 album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’. The themes explored in the song are faith, fulfillment, and individuality. This song, in particular, is one that is special to me in meaning and one that has acted as a bookmark of progress towards self-fulfillment.

I recently had the opportunity of going through some old journals and looking over old designs and ideas. Doing so and realizing they were never acted on reminded me of another Kid Cudi song which lyrics state: “See, if you can’t do what you imagine,/ Then what is imagination to you?/ Just a waste of space in your brain,/ To take the place of hate or things all the same” (35-38). If you listen to this song fully you might conclude it’s about asking one’s significant other to expand their mind and view the world through a groovier and more creative lens.

To me, the song is about acting on one’s ideas and passions. The reason I am tying these two songs together is that I love Kid Cudi. However, more importantly, the concepts from both songs coincide and complement each other. Without self-belief, faith, and a drive for fulfillment, ideas conjured by your imagination become just that. Ideas. It’s self-belief and faith that aids the development and actualization of ideas.

February 22, 2019, is the exact day the idea of Clarendon Studios came to mind. A full year and some months later that idea finally materialized. We may not yet be where we imagine we’ll eventually be, but we know what that looks like, and we plan on acting on it. Imagination is a powerful force.



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