Clarendon Studios: Who We Are & Where We Are Going

Its been just over a week since our official launch and we want to take the time to say thank you for your support and feedback so far it has been overwhelming. We are just a few shirts away from selling out and it’s thanks to all of you!

As we continue to move forward we will be moving away from bulk printing towards a more sustainable production method. Starting with our next collection “Creative Splatters” all pieces will be handcrafted individually in our studio.


In response to some of the most common questions, we’ve received. We are not a lifestyle brand nor a streetwear company. We feel that those terms limit who we can work with and what we can work on. Clarendon Studios will encompass fashion, music, art, writing, videography, and other of the Studios’ interests. We want to create a platform for us and our community to showcase creativity and self-expression. We feel that within our own community there is an excess of creative talent but currently, no path or steps set in place for individuals with unique interests to express themselves, network, and create while advancing their careers. 

Clarendon Studios is all about authenticity and we want to drive this point home. We encourage everyone to reach out to us. We will soon begin collaborating with other musicians, designers, artists, and other fields. A lot of exciting events have developed since our launch and we are excited to share them with you! Please reach out to us with any inquires, stay tuned for our next collection “Creative Splatters” and always remember “DO YOU.”



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