Our Story

When it came time to choose a name, it was simple, and there was ever only one option. Clarendon Studios derives from Clarendon Street. The street and location of one of my friend's old house. It was at this landmark, where I spent an important period of my life, that shaped me in many ways.

The late-night conversations, life milestones, never-ending parties, and growth shared and experienced by my select group of friends is something that will follow me throughout every chapter of my life. It is these memories formed on Clarendon Street that helped nurture and pave the way for our perspective today. 

Clarendon Studios seeks to reflect on the memories, events, locations, and lessons learned that are relatable and universal in meaning. Through the use of introspective design, we seek to continue challenging our perspectives.


Clarendon Studios: by Ronaldo Patiño & Graham Nahikian